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Alora Jenu

Name: Alora Jenu

Playby: Brandy

Species: pureblood witch

Height: 5’5

Eye color: brown

Hair Color: dark brown/ black

Birthday: February 14, 981 AD

Date of Death: sometime in August, 1,281 AD

Occupation: the original Founder of Uagadou Academy of Magic

Title: Headmaster and Professor

Classes taught: Astronomy and African Mythology

Animagus: cheetah

Patronus: Cheetah

Wand: 12” Dragon blood wood, cheetah fur

House: Jenu

House traits: creativity, imagination, ingenuity, and dreams

House Colors: Blue and Silver

House symbol: Cheetah

Alora Jenu was born over one thousand years ago. She came from a long line of witches and wizards that date back to sometime in the BCE era. Her family always practiced in a coven, but when Hogwarts opened, she decided to form her own wizarding school. Alora talked to her coven mates, Kalisha Kendi, Jayde Kei, and Nia Oya and the four women agreed to run the school together.

Alora and her friends went to the African Ministry of Magic in the year 1,000 A.D. Once they were able to obtain the permits required, they were able to start construction in the year 1,005 A.D. Alora decided that it was best to build the school on top of one of the tallest mountains in Africa. This way, it would stay out of the view of Muggles. After exhaustive search, the four founders agreed to build their school in the Rwenzor Mountains. The other three founders voted, and decided to make Alora the Headmistress. As Headmaster, she ruled over her school justly and fairly. She, along with the other founders, quickly became popular among the African Wizarding Community.

Alora was about 35 when Uadagou was officially open in the year 1,016 A.D. She served as Headmaster for 300 years when she died in her sleep. Alora prided herself on being a hard worker. While mostly black students seemed to want to attend Uagadou, Alora never turned her back on a student who wanted to learn magic; no matter what their race was. Luckily, for her, her values lived on in the school even after she died of a mysterious illness.

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