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Beubaxton's Sorting Poem

Beuxbatons sorting song

Three houses' threads entwined

Within my cloth of blue

One thousand years of history

Have led us down to you

Which house do you belong in?

Rouerie, Cossu, or Sournois

Which will you find your kin within

You're sure to found out soon

Beneath the raven lies

A house of purest blood

The house of Boden Sournois

Takes only those bourgeois

Whom posess the parfait sang

It breeds those of arrogant mind

And those of blackest heart

Are sure to find their kind

Those who choose to join

the house of blue and green

The place for those of a mind keen,

Those students of Adora Rouerie.

A peacock is the house bird

And tradition is the word.

Most who make their home

Are clever, kind and shy

They are often found soaking up a tome.

Last of all, is the house

of those with creative thoughts

Whether be music, art, or poetry

Creativity is to be wrought

Of those who are chosen

for the home of Jocelin Cossu

With colors of the purest white and bluer than the sky

Cossu may be the one to pick

For your imaginative eye

These houses, three

Noble, each, it's sure

Whether you're clever, creative, or pure

We have a home for thee

Amongst the hallowed halls

Of Beauxbatons Academy

So whose house will you be sorted into?

Sournois, the founder being Boden Sournois?

Rouerie, the founder being Adora Rouerie?

Or Cossu, with Jocelin Cossu as their founder? copyright notice: I did not write this poem...someone else did. If anyone knows who wrote it, please let me know as I would like to credit them for it.

Jan 30, 2016
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