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Professor Audition Form

Professor application

Part 1


Play-by: (please list the playby listed in the role. If the playby is negotiable, please list your alternative here).


Blood status:



Hair color:

Eye color




Are you an animagus? If so, what is yours?

Part 2

A. What class are you applying to teach for?

B. Please provide sample lessons or at least a syllabus of what you plan to teach your students. The school year will be from September 3rd till June 24.

C. How often can you post lessons & homework assignments?

D. Do you want/need a teaching assistant? (Please note, there is no guarantee you will be assigned one. It all depends on the demand for assistants and if people apply).

Part 3

Please post a complete bio that is at least four paragraphs. More is of course okay :) Part 4 The writing sample. Please submit at least a four paragraph writing sample. This is so I can see what kind of a role player & writer you are. Part 5 (optional, but highly recommended) Describe what your character's office will look like. Feel free to include a drawing if you so choose. ALL OF THE ABOVE MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE SUBMITTING. ONCE COMPLETE, AND SPELL CHECKED, YOU CAN SEND THIS TO HEADMASTER ALLISON ALBERTINE. She will get back to you as soon as possible.

Feb 4, 2016
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