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Featured Administration Cyber Bully Policy

Discussion in 'The Basics' started by HORP Admin, Feb 12, 2016.

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    Cyberbullying, and bullying in general,is frowned upon here at Hooked on Roleplaying. The founder has been a victim of it herself, and felt it important to let others know where we stand on the issue.

    Cyberbullying IS NOT COOL OR OKAY by any stretch of the imagination. With the birth of roleplaying, it is easy to hide behind the coomputer screen and pretend to be something you are not. But there is a fine line between an argument and someone harrassing you.

    While here at Hooked on Roleplaying, the Administrators and Moderators cannot get involved in disputes for legal reasons. However, if a user is reported, we willlook into it,and take the appropriate actions. This could be anything from account moderation to permanent banning.

    below are some links to help if you are being bullied:



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