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FBI super weapon.

Discussion in 'The 18+ Room' started by Dylan Zanders, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. Dylan Zanders

    Dylan Zanders New Member

    The scene played out like a movie in Dylan’s head. Dylan, who was 21 years old, had witness a murder only a few hundred feet from where it actually happened. Dylan wondered if the murderers saw him or not. He tossed and turned all night having flashbacks. The girl was so innocent, and carefree looking. How anyone could just rape than slit her throat was beyond Dylan’s comprehension. Dylan woke up sweating in his bed, but the dream didn’t wake him, something else did.

    Then it came again, the knocking on the front door. Dylan lived alone in a one bedroom apartment just south of Downtown Manchester, New Hampshire. The sudden crash caused Dylan to panic as he figured it was him. Dylan kept the lights off and quickly looked in his room for his baseball bat. Eventually, Dylan felt a gun on the back of his head and froze. Then, Dylan’s mind went blank.

    Dylan woke up confused and strapped to a stainless steel cart. His vision was still fuzzy, but he could make out several knives on a table next to him. Dylan struggled against the restraints but it was no use. Dylan began to panic more as soft, classical music started to play. The kind of music was used in every scary movie Dylan had ever seen. “I wasn’t going to tell anyone! I swear.” Dylan called out hoping for a response. The room he was trapped in, was empty, or at least so Dylan thought.

    “This isn’t like him! He never misses a call from me at this time!” Jasmine explained to a police officer who had noticed someone broke into Dylan’s apartment. Jasmine was a friend from college and was very close to the male. “Did he seem okay last night?” The Officer asked as he pulled out a pen and a small notebook. “Yeah, we went to a movie early that day. Then he said he was going to meet someone at a club. Dylan said he would call me when he got home, but never called. So I called him and no one picked up.” She said as she began to sob. “I should’ve known something was wrong.” Jasmine spoke.
  2. MaxDenton

    MaxDenton Administrator

    Max was the type of person the Feds called in to find missing people. His powers made it easier for them to find lost persons. The agent examined the crime scene carefully, taking pictures as he looked. He dusted for fingerprints but found nothing suspicious. He was an excellent tracker and knew what he was doing…even when his partners doubted him.

    “Did he have any enemies?” Max asked as he examined a recent picture of Dylan.

    Jasmine shook her head. “Not that I know of.”

    Max closed his eyes and used his tracking skill along with his mind reading ability to see if he could pinpoint where Dylan was and came up with nothing. It was the first time that ever happened. Usually, he was able to track someone on the first try. Max growled, annoyance evident on his face. He walked over to Dylan’s bed, where out of the corner of his eye spotted a little bit of blood. It was still wet. The agent looked closer and snapped a picture of it. There were signs of a possible struggle, but he couldn’t be sure. He sniffed the blood, and once it registered, Max was able to pick up Dylan’s scent.

    The agents gathered around the superhuman, and Max handed them the evidence that he found. He snapped a picture of the blood stain, while the other officers dusted for more fingerprints. He turned to his boss and nodded when they exchanged looks. “I think we’ve got everything I need to find your friend,” Max assured Jasmine. “Leave it to me.” Before anyone could question him further, Max bolted to find Dylan.

    Max used all of his senses to track down Dylan. Now that he had the human’s scent, it was almost too easy to find him. While he couldn’t read his mind yet as Max was too far away, the agent was able to keep tabs on the scent of Dylan and his captors. The scents led him to a warehouse. The agent scoped out the area and spotted a small window towards the top of the building. Once he found a way to climb up and peek in, he examined the inside of the building.

    That was when he spotted Dylan strapped to a stainless steel cart surrounded by knives. “Great,” he muttered. “Good thing I am fast. Here goes nothing,” Max muttered to himself. Once the agent set his mind to something, there was no way to derail it. He burst in through the door, his gun in hand. Max crept slowly towards Dylan, all the while looking for any sign of the bad guys. When Max’s eyes fell on Dylan, he faltered for a split second. Those blue eyes were stunning and he felt his heart begin to race as he suddenly felt protective. How could anyone want to harm this human was beyond him.

    “Agent Double 0 Ten,” Max introduced himself to Dylan quietly as the music continued to play. He began to release carefully the straps that held Dylan down when he heard slow clapping behind him.
  3. Dylan Zanders

    Dylan Zanders New Member

    Dylan turned to the clapping and swallows as he looked at the man in front of him. "So, I guess the rumors are true then." The voice started as the male stepped into the lighted area. "I hope you liked the music Dylan... it was off your playlist after all on Pandora." He chuckles as Dylan tilted his head. How did the man know what he listened too. "How do you know me? Where am I?" Dylan asked fearlessly as he tried to ignore the knives around him. Soon, he watched as the room filled with more guys in black and he felt his heart beat faster.

    "It's okay Dylan, we don't want you. We want what your parents help to build." The male began to speak again as his eyes were locked on the Agent. "Agent Double O Ten... as he calls himself." Dylan looked confused at the agent. "Who are you?" Dylan asked again as the capturer chuckled. "Now, Double O Ten. Drop the gun.." He mused as a small, mechanical knife appeared near Dylan's right hand. Dylan began to panic as the knife remained motionless. "Or we will be forced to use the bait."

    Dylan could feel his heart beat faster. None of the people in the room knew of Dylan's parents, let alone what they did for a living. "I don't know how you know my parents but I swear, even I don't know what they do, how do you know he knows." Dylan asked as one of the men chuckles. "Because your parents work is standing right in front of you." Another man stated and chuckles. "And our boss, would like to know how your friend's DNA is designed, so we too, can make him a useless model."

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