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Jacinda Gertrude Robinson (partial bio)

Discussion in 'Character Building' started by Jacinda, Sep 2, 2015.

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    Jacinda Gertrude Robinson is the name, and being badass is her game. She comes from a long line of pureblood witches. She wasn’t always as tough as she is now. No…you have her ex husband, Lucifer to thank for that. But we will talk about him later. Jacinda grew up in an orphanage, the same one that Lord Voldemort grew up in in fact (though not at the same time.) All she knew about her ex  parents was that they were both wizards. She found that out when Jacinda received her Hogwarts letter just like any other witch or wizard who turned 11. Honestly, receiving that letter was the best thing to ever happen to her. While she lived at the orphanage, Jacinda was often bullied and picked on. She kept her nose in her books and didn’t have a single friend. When she attended Hogwarts, the young girl was able to finally break free from the bullies and made some friends. Was she popular? No, but that was OK in her book.

    As a student, Jacinda was bright…quite possibly one of the brightest witches in her grade. However, no matter how smart she became, it didn’t fill the empty void she felt. Jacinda was lonely and longed for a mate. She couldn’t understand why no one liked her. Was she really that hideous?

    One day, one of Lord Voldemort’s followers, Bellatrix Lestrange, found her in Knockturn Alley and introduced her to the Dark Side. After some persuading, Jacinda was eventually initiated into the Death Eaters, where she met Draco Malfoy. However, at the time Draco was dating Astoria Greengrass. When she found that out, Jacinda was devistated again. So, she focused on serving her master, Lord Voldemort until both he and Bellatrix were killed during the battle of the Deathly Hallows.

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