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Mad love (suicide squad: spoliers / 18+)

Discussion in 'One On One' started by QueenofGotham, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. QueenofGotham

    QueenofGotham Staff Member Administrator

    Harley paused in saying anything else. That look. That god damn look. She knew it way to well. Nothing ever good came out of that look. She bit her lower lip slightly and continued to gaze into his eyes. She let go of her lip and readied herself for her ‘punishment’. She heard him take a deep breath. She closed her eyes. Punishment was coming. Her gut clenched in anticipation.

    She didn’t expect him to jump up like he did. It was like a running cheetah or she was just slowly coming down from her adrenaline rush. She felt his fingers on her throat. Harley’s eyes snapped open to look at him. She shoved her chin into the air. Doing so was a way to give her more pleasure then pain. Harley listened to him ranting on about his goons. It was always his goons. At least he could remember that it wasn't her actions that got her thrown in Belle Reve. She couldn’t swim.. and he drove into the river. She closed her eyes when his forehead touched hers. It was a way to close out the butterflies in her stomach; the need that rose within her. His words became a blur. He wanted to be thanked, for a brief moment she wanted to silence those butterflies. His fingers were digging into her neck. She licked her lips slowly.

    “It’s doctors orders.” Harley hissed under her breath. He threw her to the floor. She tried to turn her body slightly to fall more carefully… a way not to cause any bad bruising. She became accustom to him just throwing her away like this. Trying to do something positive for him that wasn't on his agenda always led up to her on the floor or her knocked away from him. Years of this only slowly began to wake up the confidence she needed to stand up to him. Because it was for the wellbeing of her, him or both of them. At least thats what she kept telling herself.

    Harley began to stand up, she adjusted her a soft pink tank top. She brushed off her blue silky pajama bottoms, as if she got dirty from the altercation. She rolled her head from shoulder to shoulder to release the tension in her neck. Harley rolled her shoulders back as if to visually get her confidence back into her body.

    This was the right thing to do harls… she told herself. the right thing..

    Harley looked down her nose at him. She knew one hundred percent that he couldn’t continue on without her. It gave her a little strength in the moment. She took a deep breath in. This feeling gave her the strength that she could move on without him. She didn't need him as much as he needed her. One word and she would be gone..

    Harley could see guilt in his eyes. guilt. Her body language relaxed completely. Back to crazy, mushy, Harley. She tilted her head to the side. Moving her feet slowly to his side, almost like gliding on the floor. She took his trembling hand in hers and she sat on the bed next to him.

    “Apparently some gang lord is trying to take over the dealing at the club.” Harley said softly. She massaged the back of his hand with her free one. She was a little hesitant with her words. He sounded high as a kite, but she needed to give him what she found out. At least he wouldn't retaliate on her in this state. “He’s been threatening the guy, that you have set up as the owner.. This gang lord wants to own the club to start some underground trafficking of some kind. Thats all the information I have right now puddin’”
  2. Mr. J

    Mr. J New Member

    J sighed and lay his head on Harleys shoulder. He was still angry but given his current state there was clearly little to be done about it now so he cleared his mind of dangerous thoughts and tried to focus on the issue with his night club.. He placed his free hand atop hers and interlaced their fingers. He watched the muscles in his lower arm twitch involuntarily in her lap. The effects of narcotics were always so fascinating to him and he sometimes got lost in his observations of his own body while high. He spoke a moment later.

    “Well fuck. I hadn’t exactly planned any public appearances this evening. What would these stupid bastards do without me, huh? They all think they can run this shit show without yours truly. Jokes on them!” He raised his head from her shoulder and laughed. “What time did ya say it was? Noon? We’ve got plenty of time before that moron gets to the club. Good thing I guess because I’”,he paused, raised his arm and took a big whiff of himself, “oh yeah, I am disgusting.” His words were a bit slurred due to the morphine.

    J stood up, a bit more quickly than he had intended and stumbled over his own feet. “Haaaarley,” he reached his hand down to her and wiggled his fingertips in her face, “daddy needs a bath and …” he looked around the large bedroom, seemingly confused, “I’m not…entirely sure I remember where the god damned bathroom is.” He laughed hard enough at this observation to throw himself off balance and tumble to the floor. He pushed his face against Harleys thigh and bit her playfully, still laughing all the while.
  3. QueenofGotham

    QueenofGotham Staff Member Administrator

    Harley continued to lean on the bed. She listened to what her puddin’ had to say about his club. She chuckled when he did. It was usually the best thing to do after a altercation like they had. it was apart of their crazy relationship. Something Dr. Quinzel would be trying to talk her into getting therapy for the abuse, and trying to get away from Joker. However, this was a new day.. a day- well it was more then just one day- after non-stop electroshock therapy that drove her insane. Madly in love Harley let him do it, because she could take anything he gave her. Little did she know this relationship would end up like this. She still was always madly in love with him… even if little spurts of Dr. Quinzel popped up and gave her confidence to tell him like it should be.

    Although, boosts of confidence always lead to some type of altercation or Harley being pushed away from her love. She never understood it. She watched him take a whiff of himself. He did have that ‘i’ve been sick, and in bed for days’ smell. She chuckled at his slurred words. She watched him get up, tried to reach for his hands before he fell on the floor. She gasped, her eyes wide. When he laughed, she laughed a little harder. He was such a child when he was high. Seriously what would he do without us harls?

    “puddin’ you’re in the master bedroom..” She chuckled when he bit her though. Harley brushed her hands through his hair softly. It was something she loved to do. It made her feel the abuse was almost worth it- the comforting movements. She thought there was some kind of psychosis about it. She chuckled again. Harley.. your whole life became a psychosis… she thought to herself.

    “Lets get you up, and go through that door there,” she nodded towards the door. Harley stood up slowly, she moved to put her arm under his good shoulder to help him up. “Come on Mista J, time to get you washed up.”

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