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Shawn Matherson (Vampire Academy & The World Among Us verses)

Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by ShawnMatherson, Aug 22, 2015.

  1. ShawnMatherson

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    [font='Times New Roman', serif]Shawn Matherson is the illegitimate child of Nathan Ivashkov and Christine Matherson.  It is said that his father had an affair with Christine while married to Daniella.  Nathan and Christine met on a cruise during one of his friend’s bachelor parties.  Nathan had a little too much to drink and hooked up with Christine.  Their relationship was short-lived, however, for he’d been married to Adrian’s mother.[/font]
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    [font='Times New Roman', serif]Christine used to tell Shawn how wonderful his father was even though Nathan left them.  Curious about his extended family, Shawn did some research.  Among doing so, he learned that he had a half-brother named Adrian, and that he was related to the vampire queen, Tatiana.[/font]
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    [font='Times New Roman', serif]Shawn pleaded with his mother and begged her to let him meet the Ivashkovs.  Christine, however, didn’t think that it was a good idea.  The Ivashkovs were in the middle of a big political debate, and she told him that Nathan would never accept him.  Shawn, after all, was born out of wedlock and an accident.  However, that did not stop him from writing letters to Nathan and Adrian, but he never received any in return.[/font]
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    [font='Times New Roman', serif]When Shawn turned 13, his werewolf abilities began to show.  On the first full moon after his 13th birthday, Shawn turned into a beautiful black and white wolf.  It was around that same time that his Moroi and other vampire abilities manifested.  It was through an argument that he had with an old friend that he discovered he had the ability to control fire.  When he was ready to start high school, his mother enrolled him into St. Vladimir’s Academy for vampires.[/font]

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