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The Hybrids Salvation

Discussion in 'Closed Story Lines' started by Brendansalvatore, Sep 7, 2015.

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    Brendan Haynes was only eight years old when his father killed his mother and himself while he was at school. Allegedly his mother, Alexis Haynes was having get togethers with another male which was unknown to his father. Brendan had left for school like any other day, and everything seemed fine.... he thought. When Brendan had left the house, His father began screaming at his mother, telling her about knowing all the emails, and get togethers, and texts. Eventually he choked her to death and the guilt consumed his conscious. Brendan was taken from school early that day by authorities, and told about the situation. His family wasn’t aware of what was going on, and no one was named the emergency provider. The Police told him he’d be living with a foster family, with the option to adopt. Little did he know it would be two young brothers living together in a mansion.
    Stefan and Damon Salvatore had arrived at the station having heard the controversy on the subject in newspapers. No one knew the true nature of the Salvatore Brothers at the time, and Brendan was sent with them. Time seemed to go by fast as Brendan turned fourteen. That was when Stefan revealed the secret of him and his brother, Damon. “We’ve been around.... since 1864 Brendan.” Stefan explained as Brendan sat on the couch. Stefan  had revealed old photos of the brothers from the days of being around almost 200 years. “We’ve lived together... mostly in secret. I have done things that have hurt people in my past, as well as Damon.” The day seemed to stop as Brendan processed the entire situation. He heard the arguments between Damon and Stefan and made his decision.

    “I don’t care about you guys being vampires.” He said softly as he interrupted Damon’s sentence. Damon looked at the boy curiously and shocked. “We can kill you quickly and without hesitation... Rip you apart--” “I don’t care Damon... You haven’t yet.” Brendan spoke without fear. Damon seemed to be taken back by the boys sudden statement. “You can’t say a word, Bren.” Stefan instructed as he killed the tension in the room. “It would be very bad if-” He explained as Damon interrupted. “We’ll get killed if people know we are vampires... staked, and killed.” Damon said without emotion. Brendan nodded assuring his eldest brother he understood.
    The Salvatores took to Brendan even more after that day, and it seemed everything the three did, was together. Even Damon seemed to be less hostile and bitter. But unknowing to Damon and Stefan, there ex girlfriend Elena was about ready to blow a gasket. “Ever since that... HUMAN... showed up, all they want to do is bond together.” Elena bitched as Caroline pretended to listen. “Elena, his parents are dead, he has no contact with family... the least you can do is cut--” “I don’t care Caroline, The Salvatores are mine!” She hissed as Caroline stood up and left her alone. Elena snapped as she turned off her emotion switch and went to Rebekah to plan the murder of Brendan.
    Stefan learned of the development Elena was planning and warned Damon. Things for Brendan just got more complex again. If Damon wasn’t watching, it was Stefan, if it wasn’t Damon or Stefan, it was Caroline and Tyler. Stefan and Damon tried every excuse to reason with Elena who remained hostile toward the newest Salvatore. “There is nothing that can keep Brendan safe while Elena is on ripper mode.” Stefan  hissed as he took a sip of his bourbon. “Damon and I are getting worn out, and we need to get more blood.” Caroline was sitting with him and sighs. “There is the cure Klaus is trying to find.” she stated and looked at Stefan. Stefan perked a brow and smiles. “That’s it... Klaus wants Elena human for his hybrids....” he mused. He sent a text to the devilish Hybrid setting up a meeting with the male. “Thanks Caroline.” He stated.

    1,000 years...that’s how long Niklaus Mikaelson has been on this planet.  How he’s survived through the centuries, even he didn’t know. Klaus has seen and done some horrible things in this life, many of which he regretted. He has lived all over the world, and even helped

    build New Orleans, which was one of his greatest achievements if you asked Klaus. Yet, there was something he was void of...something that he hadn’t thought about since he first met Caroline...love.  The Original Hybrid apparently longed for love, but he knew that was impossible.  He’d been closed off for so long, that Klaus began to wonder if he would ever find true love? Perhaps that was why he sought to create super-hybrids...as a way to make a mate suitable for him. But would his plan work? Only time would tell.

    Now, in the 21st century, Klaus found himself back in his home town...Mystic Falls. Only, it was different. Now it was modernized. It was strange, to be honest. What was once open and lush land, was now filled with homes and commercial business stores. It was enough to make any old vampire overwhelmed. What brough him to Mystic Falls? Klaus had received a message from his old friend, Stefan Salvatore. He hadn't seen the vampire in almost a century, which was too long if you asked him.

    Klaus pulled his bright red and black mercedes benz into the driveway of the Salvatore mansion. He had to admit...Damon and Stefan had out done themselves with their home. The Original Hybrid smirked as he looked around. He smelled Stefan and Damon, but there was a hint of something else. "Human?" He murmered softly as he walked up the long path to the door. Once on the doorstep, he rang the bell and impatiently waited for his friends to answer.
    “Are you out of your effin mind?” Damon hissed as Stefan stood blank faced. “You want to leave Brendan with a Klaus? Of all people?” He growled as he walked over to his bourbon. He picked up the glass and took a long sip of it as he thought. “Damon we have no other choice, Klaus won’t harm him... If he does... his hybrids will be missing a few--” Stefan started as Damon turned at him. “No. and for your next argument... NO!” “Damon it’s too late.. I already arranged a meeting with him.” Stefan explained.
    Brendan sighed as he leaned his head back against  the couch as his two adoptive brothers fought. “I still don’t know why you guys just don’t stake her.” He mused as Damon turned to look at him. “We both dated her... it would look pretty obvious who murdered her. Plus, Jeremy would be after you next after he took care of us.” “Except Jeremy isn’t the problem right now... in fact, Brendans one of his new friends.” Stefan interrupted. Damon and Brendan both rolled their eyes. “Bren... go up stairs... We will figure something out.” Damon ordered as he heard the doorbell.
    Brendan turned to look at the door as Stefan placed himself between the door and Brendan. “I’d listen to Damon on this one.” He stated simply as Brendan rolled his eyes. Brendan hated being the human pet... though he knew that wasn’t the case at all. He reluctantly went up to his room as his brothers instructed and shut his door. Brendan laid down on the bed and sighs wondering what was going to happen.
    Damon glared Stefan as the eldest brother walked toward the door. “If this turns out to be a mistake.. after his hybrids..  you’re next.” He threatened as Stefan rolled his eyes. Damon walked toward the door and turned the knob. “Klaus.” He stated as he opened the door and looked at the Hybrid. “What a surprise.” he said sarcastically. Stefan elbowed his brother and shook his head. “Thanks for coming.” He stated simply as he invited his friend in.
    Klaus smirked as he listened to Damon and Stefan argue while he waited to be let in. He had to admit, Klaus found it amusing how protective they were over a silly human. He wondered just how important the mortal was to them, and just exactly how far the Salvatores were willing to go to ensure the human was safe?
    The vampire king sniffed the air...yup the human was there alright. And the mortal smelled divine. Klaus smirked when Stefan finally opened the door and invited him inside. "Nice to see you too, Stefan," Klaus stated as he greeted his friend. Klaus then turned his attention to Damon. "I'd say the same for you, D, but the feelings don't seem mutual," he stated and offered Damon his most cunning smile.
    As Klaus stepped inside, he looked around the foyer, then headed to the living room and invited himself to sit down. Being a vampire king and alpha had its perks and this was one of them. Klaus studied the two vampires before him and shook his head. "So, are either of you going to tell me why this human is so important, and what's in it for me?" Klaus asked deviously.

    Damon’s anger boiled inside as the male let himself into the living room. When he heard Klaus speak of Brendan, He clenched his fists and took a breath. “This HUMAN is called Brendan.” Damon spoke trying to keep his voice calm and steady. Stefan rolled his eyes at his brothers temper and looked at the hybrid. “Brendan is our adoptive brother. He’s part of this family and he’s been the best thing for Damon and I.” Stefan explained as he looked at Damon.
    While his brothers were downstairs, Brendan arched easingly toward the edge of the stairway to listen. He had to admit, whoever this Klaus was, Brendan could see why Damon was concerned with the idea. Brendan sat down softly as Damon rolled his eyes. “I’ll be right back.” He smiled using his vampire speed. He looked at Brendan who was at the stairwell. “Room... now.... Please.” He pleaded as Brendan rolled his eyes.
    Returning downstairs, he looked at Klaus and smirked. “We don’t want him to hear the plan.” Damon explained as Stefan rolled his eyes. “He’s more or less like me.” he stated proudly as Stefan nearly choked from containing his laughter. “That’s the side factor... the fact hes just like you Damon... except human.” Damon rolled his eyes at his brothers comment. Stefan cleared his throat. “What’s in it for you, is Elena’s blood to make your stupid Hybrids.” Stefan admitted as he looked at Klaus, studying his reaction.
    "Well I'll be a monkey's uncle," Klaus stated and laughed at the two brothers. "I never thought I would live to see the day that Damon Salvatore defended a human," the hybrid teased and laughed. Klaus was clearly amused, but then grew serious.
    "You know our laws, boys," Klaus began. "Humans aren't supposed to know we exist." The king spoke with power and authority. His ears twitched however, when Brendan's scent grew stronger and he heard the male's thoughts. "Looks like we have company," Klaus stated and followed Damon to the bottom of the stairs. He watched the interaction between Brendan and Damon, and shook his head. He had to admit he was a tad jealous himself that the salvatores had a family. Klaus never seemed to have one and it stung. Though he had to admit Brendan was hot for a human. Perhaps he could have some fun with the mortal?
    Klaus sat up straight and folded his arms at the mention of Elena's blood. It would be perfect...he could finish his experiments and create a super breed of werewolves. He grinned wickedly at the idea. "You have my attention. Now, tell me, what do I need to do with the human and Elena?" He asked curiously.

    Damon growled as Klaus followed him to the stairway. Brendan was able to get a glimpse as he walked to his room. “Don’t get any funny idea’s Klaus... This wasn’t my first idea.” He hissed as he motioned for the male to go back to the living room. Brendan couldn’t help but smirk as he heard his brother’s words. He walked into his room and shut his door and laid on the bed listening to his ipod.
    “Damon... relax. We’ve exhausted all other ideas. Caroline and Tyler can’t watch him, Bonnie and Jeremy can’t watch him either.” Stefan explained as Damon rolled his eyes. “Still.” Damon spoke as he poured a glass of bourbon for he, stefan and Klaus. Stefan took the glass and took a sip as he started to put his thoughts together.
    “We need to get Elena to drink this cure, we found.” Stefan began as he set the glass down on the table next to his favorite chair. Damon stood leaning against the mantle of the fireplace and watched. “If Elena drinks the cure... she turns human again.” Damon interjected as Stefan shot a glance at his brother. “And You’ll be able to get her blood to make your hybrid family.” Stefan added.
    Stefan stood up and paced back and forth in the living room. “You’re not going to kill her Klaus however.” Damon spoke up as he saw his brother was lost for words at the moment. “Damon or I will compel her once you have blood in blood bags. Its up to us how much you take.” Stefan explained as Damon walked toward the other chair in the living room. “All you have to do.. Is keep Brendan at your house.. and keep him away from Elena. Tyler will have it covered at school.” Damon explained as Stefan looked at Klaus.
    “No compelling him, no feeding off him, if there’s so much as a bruise on  Brendan, the deal is off.” Stefan spoke as he sat down. “And we kill all the rest of your hybrids.” Damon added as he downed the rest of his drink. “That is how important that human, as you call him, is to us....” Stefan raised his brows and leaned back into his chair scanning the males reactions.
    Klaus found it amusing how Damon was reacting to his presence.  Typically the king thought that humans were nothing more than food, however this Brendan character was obviously much more than that to the Salvatores. Especially for Damon to be acting this way about a human. “I never thought I’d see the day where you got all bent out of shape over a human, Damon,” Klaus taunted in front of Brendan and smirked. He then walked back to his seat and listened to Stefan. “I figured you must have, for we haven’t spoken in decades,” Klaus pointed out and took a sip of his bourbon

    The king inclined his head slightly as he listened to Stefan explain about Elena Gilbert. The girl had always annoyed the crap out of him, and couldn’t understand the Salvatore’s infatuation with her. Did she look like Katherine? Sure, but if you asked Niklaus, Katherine had been 1,000 times hotter.  “You and humans,” Klaus muttered and shook his head disdainfully.  When Stefan spoke about the cure and turning Elena back to human, he raised an eyebrow curiously. Yes, the thought intrigued him, and he wondered what she would be like when the little bitch was turned back into a human. “Have you two considered the damage changing a vampire back to its original state could do to a human? Especially once they’ve realized how many lives they’ve destroyed? Elena could quite possibly go insane, even more so than she already is,” Klaus stated calmly and rationally.

    “I’ll make you a counter offer, Stefan,” Klaus began. “I won’t touch your precious human pet, if you can get Elena to drink that cure that you supposedly found and let me have her blood. And,” he continued. “When you see that Ms. Gilbert has gone completely mental, you’ll let me drain her completely of her blood and dispose of her body. But before you say anything, I know you won’t want the murder to lead back to you two. Trust me, I have no intentions of letting anyone find out who killed the psycho chick,” Klaus assured him.

    The Original Hybrid shook his head and sighed. “Those are MY conditions if I am to play babysitter, After all, I am a king and an Alpha...My stakes are usually high,” he stated and smirked. Klaus held out his hand. “Do we have a deal?”
    Stefan looked at the hybrid and laughs. “You may be an alpha and an Original Klaus.” he mused as he looked at the males hand. “But that doesn’t mean you have power over me and my brother. And as for the laws to which you referenced too, I’m sure no one else will have a problem once they seen their head severed from their body.” Stefan raised a brow as Damon thought over the hybrid’s terms.
    Stefan shook the hybrids hand as his own smile mocked the hybrids. “Ok Klaus... but the terms are if we find anything with Brendan after you’re done babysitting... Hybrid heads will roll on the ground.” Damon interjected as he shook his head not liking the plan. He knew Klaus was right about Elena going psycho when she returned human. “And that’s no threat Klaus... its a promise.” he added as he went upstairs to grab his brother.
    Stefan looked at Klaus and chuckled. “Consider it a debt repaid for dragging me around all summer on a killing spree.” He stated smugly. When Damon walked into his room, Brendan looked at him and motioned for him to follow. “Time to meet the devil.” he spoke causing a small chuckle to escape Brendans throat. He could tell his brother wasn’t ok with this idea. “Isn’t there another plan we could do that you’re not so pissed at?” Brendan asked as the two walked down.

    “Stefans right... this is the best plan... Elena will think you are here with us. So She won’t come after you at Klaus’ mansion.” Damon explained as Brendan shrugged and walked downstairs to the living room. He looked at the male on the couch and then his brothers. “I’m Brendan. Aka human.” He smirked as Damon chuckles. Brendan did  learn a thing or two from Damon and Stefan, and used them to his advantage. “I take it the plan is I’m going with him?” He asked looking at Stefan who nodded.
    "Don't get your leggings in a twist, boys," Klaus stated as he shook stefan's hand first then Damon's. "I promise I won't harm your human," he states seriously. He wondered what it was about Brendan that got the salvatore's so worked up? Well, Klaus supposed he would find out soon enough. Klaus couldn't help but roll his eyes as stefan spoke about repaying debt. "Fine," he muttered and sat back down. "So, when do i get to meet the human?" He asked.

    Klaus waited patiently while damon and stefan went to get Brendan. He couldn't believe that he agreed to babysitting a human! What was his pack going to say? One thing was for sure, he would make sure they knew Brendan was off limits no matter what.

    When the three Salvatore's re-entered the living room, Klaus studied Brendan. The human smelled good...too good. Now he knew why Damon and Stefan were so protective. Yes, klaus had smelled Brendan before, but not like this. His blood was sweet and made his mouth water. "Ahhh...you've been holding out on me Salvatore's," Klaus hissed and folded his arms. He circled around Brendan once to inspect him. "Not only does he smell good, but he appears strong," he stated and finally stopped circling Brendan.

    "That's right, Brendan, you'll be staying with me," Klaus stated and nodded. "I'm Niklaus. Though a select few can call me Klaus," he introduced himself. "Or some call me the Devil as Damon here called me," klaus added with a smirk. "That appears to be the plan, little human," he stated. "Though, we haven't discussed yet for how long," klaus said looking at the vampires.
    Brendan rolled his eyes wondering why Klaus was examining him so closely. When he heard the hybrid speak, he put two and two together. “So you are a vampire.... and a werewolf.” He mused as he eyed the male. His gaze never left the other’s eyes as he folded his arms. “The name is Brendan.” Brendan stated as he raised a brow. “And now that we have identified that I’m a human.... I’m going to go pack.” He guessed as he walked up to his room again.
    Stefan glanced at Klaus and then Damon and laughs. “Well that went well.” Damon looked at him and folded his arms as he walked toward his chair. Stefan nodded as he looked at Klaus. “Give us two weeks. We should have the cure. If not, I’ll text you.” Stefan instructed as he looked at the floor. “He’s not to miss school, or to go anywhere without supervision. Tyler and Caroline know of the plan. So they’ll be watching too.” He added as he sat down.
    “He’s important to us Klaus.... Yes we were both attracted to Elena. Brendan is different.” Damon spoke as he looked at the hybrid after remaining silent for most of the time. “We’d like to keep it that way.” He finished as he looked toward Stefan. Stefan smirked and looked at Klaus. “And yes... Brendan is OFF limits.” Stefan warned as Klaus as he folded his arms. “Its strictly a business matter.”  He finished as Brendan walked in. “Well... A strictly friend matter.” he changed the wording as Brendan rolled his eyes. “I’m ready.” He spoke hesitantly.

    Two weeks...what the hell was he going to do with a human for two damned weeks? "Neither of you have control over me, just as i don't have control over you," klaus hissed. "I've already promised not to harm Brendan," he reminded them. "Don't push it. It's going to be hard enough to explain to my pack why I have a human staying with me for so long."

    Klaus sighed as he looked at Brendan. "Whenever you're ready to go, we can leave," Klaus stated as he pulled out the keys to his car. "We'll um...we'll have to go food shopping as I don't have any human food in the house I'm afraid," he explained. "And anything else humans need."

    He didn't know what made him so defensive, but it felt weird. Klaus wasn't one to let people get close to him, and he was finding it difficult to stay away from Brendan. It didn't help that the mortal smelled so damned good!
    Brendan eyed Klaus as he pulled out his keys. He nodded as he looked at Stefan than toward Damon who still had the ugliest of grins. Stefan motioned Brendan to get moving as he walked toward the fireplace. Reluctantly, Brendan walked up to his room to pack a luggage bag and a smaller dufflebag of personal items.
    Stefan coughed as he pulled his wallet out and looked up at the hybrid. “He’ll have money for groceries. And we have access to his bank account.” He spoke as he pulled out 100 dollars in twenties. “And as for what you are going to do for him for two weeks. Nothing... School to home, thats it.” Damon said as he filled his glass with bourbon again. “We don’t need Elena to figure out he’s with you of all people.” He mused as he couldn’t help but let a soft chuckle out.
    Brendan walked down the stairs and into the living room again setting his dufflebag on the ground. “Did you get everything? Phone charger? Laptop? Back pack? Because you aren’t skipping...” “I have everything Stefan. I know I know, no skipping school.” Brendan said rhetorically as he rolled his eyes. Brendan turned to Klaus and half smiled. “Guess I’m ready.” He spoke not really sure of the whole situation. Stefan handed Brendan the cash and hugged him followed by Damon.
    As Brendan got into Klaus’ car, he was surprised. His brothers liked the antique cars but Klaus’ was the newest model on the market. It impressed a little. Still, Brendan wasn’t to sure about this Klaus figure. It seemed as if he had other plans for Brendan and it made him a little on edge. Buckling his seatbelt after putting his bags in the trunk, Brendan sighed as he pulled out his phone and watched as the Salvatore mansion fainted from sight.

    Klaus rolled his eyes as stefan gave him instructions on what he was to do with Brendan. "Chill, mate. I don't exactly want to be parading around with a human. Though if you don't want elena to find out he's with me, we should consider homeschooling brendan for two weeks," he suggested. "Doesn't elena like to hang around the school?" He pointed out.

    "Later losers," klaus stated as he headed to his car. "Ugh my car is going to smell like human now for months," klaus thought to himself as they got to his car. He opened the trunk for brendan and helped the human put his stuff in. "You should write a list of what you need and i'll have one of my servants get it for you. If we are going to do this, we are going to do this right," klaus said as he got into the car and put the key into the ignition.

    Once brendan was in his car, klaus drove off and headed straight for his mansion. "You'll have your own private quarters," the hybrid explained. "You can have access to anywhere in the mansion except for the dungeon," he continued. "I don't have any prisoners at the moment, but the full moon is approaching and that's where i lock my pack in on the first night," he explained.
    Brendan mused as he listened to Klaus go on about his hybrid pack. It was fascinating to hear but  after all Tyler Lockwood was his friend. Brendan looked out the window as he nodded to where he was allowed to go. “Sounds fun. I’m  not much of a wanderer at night but It’s nice to know I can go anywhere.. minus the dungeon.” He stated as he glanced at the hybrid.
    “You have a fancy mansion too?” Brendan questioned as he pondered. It seemed like everyone in Mystic Falls had huge, extravagant houses. The Salvatore's mansion however had been around for hundreds of years. Brendan wondered how Damon and Stefan were getting along since he left, and couldn’t help but feel bad for coming into their lives.
    Brendan snapped out of his trance we he received a text from Damon stating not to even think that thought. It scared Brendan a little the Damon was prying through his mind 24/7. Luckily, there were some things the eldest Salvatore didn’t know that Stefan knew about Brendan. Brendan looked over toward Klaus and smirked. “I’ll write a list and give it to Tyler, He’ll go for me.” He explained and shrugged. “He’s use to it, plus it’ll give him an excuse to see Caroline.”

    Klaus had to admit that it was a relief to know that Brendan wasn’t a wanderer as the human put it.  He didn’t want to have to police him at night, and was glad to know that Brendan would hopefully sleep through out. “I’ve got a big entertainment room that has basically everything you could ever want...bowling alley, pool table, skeeball, a mini tv/movie theater with just about every video game ever and almost every dvd made,” he boasted.

    The hybrid laughed when Brendan asked if he had a fancy mansion too. “Well, when you get to be as old as I am, you tend to collect things. Those things need lots of shelf space, so I thought a mansion would do,” he explained. “Don’t worry, despite everything I own, my staff still manage to keep it spotless,” he assured him.

    Klaus sensed Brendan’s sudden bout of sadness when he heard the mortal’s phone vibrate. “Is everything okay?” he asked suddenly feeling worried for the young human. Weird...he wasn’t used to feeling anything for humans.  The hybrid tried to shrug it off, Klaus rolled his eyes at the mention of Caroline. “So, he’s still pining after her, huh? What is the little ditz up to these days?” Klaus asked as they pulled into his driveway all too soon.
    “All I know is they are dating. And that you turned Tyler into a hybrid.” Brendan explained as he nodded. “Yeah everythings fine.” He said as he saw Klaus’ house in front of him. He had to admit, it was bigger than the Salvatore’s house. Maybe. Brendan took a deep breath before getting out and walking to the back of Klaus’ car to get his bags. The sudden shock of seeing more of Klaus’ hybrids out in front of the house, and they were watching Brendan.
    Soon a blonde girl came out from the house and walked over to Klaus. “You’re hybrids are getting on my nerves, Niklaus. They keep going through all my stuff. Any how, I’m going--” She stopped as she looked at Brendan. The scent of the human filled her nostrils as she looked at Klaus again. “Whose this?” She demanded as Brendan rubbed his neck nervously.
    “I’m Brendan Salvatore.” He stated as she turned to look at him with disgust. “Stefan’s brother? What the hell is he doing here? A human no less. Please tell me hes new food.” She said flashing her fangs. Brendan laughs. “Go ahead... do it... I dare you.” He taunted as he looked at Klaus. “And you’re head will be above the mantelpiece in my bedroom at home.” Rebekah turned to look at Klaus. “What’s going on? And he does know I’m Rebekah Mikaelson, your sister.” “No he seemed to skip that detail.” Brendan interjected with a small, coy smile.
    "Shit, the human knows too much. How am I going to convince the pack that he isn't a threat?" Klaus thought to himself. He then turned his attention back to Brendan. "How did you know all of that?" He asked curious as to how he found out about tyler becoming a hybrid.
    Klaus stepped protectively in front of Brendan. "He's off limits, Rebekah," Klaus hissed and folded his arms. He rolled his eyes at her complaint about the hybrids. "You know how uncontrollable they can be around the full moon," he reminded her.
    Klaus shook his head and frowned. "He is here under MY protection. Elena gilbert has been after him, and I am doing the salvatore's, namely stefan, a favor," he explained seriously. "He is NOT food, and anyone who dares to bite or hurt him will have their head severed from their body and hung on my wall as an example of what happens when the Alpha is disobeyed," he continued. "Now, go round up the others and have them meet us in the meeting room," he added and turned to Brendan. "Do as I say, and try not to piss off my pack and family, understood? They aren't like your brothers," he explained.
    Rebekah laughed as Klaus ordered her to get the rest of his hybrids. “You’re not alpha over me Klaus...” she hissed and rolled her eyes. “I’m off to a party.” Rebekah stated and winked. “I can’t believe we are housing a human that isn’t food.” she grumbled and walked to her BMW. “Ta ta!” she waved drove up.
    Brendan couldn’t contain the small chuckle the was caused between Klaus and his sister. “She took that rather well.” He stated amused as Rebekah drove out of sight. “Must be a loving family.” Brendan added as he listened to Klaus explain not to piss his pack or family off. Brendan of course rolled his eyes.
    “Please, Like its my lifes mission to get killed by a supernatural entity.” Brendan explained as he grabbed his bag and suitcase. He turned and smiles as he saw Tyler walking toward them. “Well well, Damon actually let you come here with Klaus.” He said amused by seeing his friend. “I don’t think Stefan gave him much of a choice.” Brendan explained and shrugged.
    Tyler and Brendan both looked at Klaus with curiosity as to the next move. “Do you want him in the room down the hall from you?” Tyler asked as he eyed the other hybrid. “It’s far enough away from the others.” He added as he looked at Brendan. “Don’t worry kid, you don’t have to worry as much as you think here... I’ll be here.” Tyler explained as Brendan grinned. “Yeah... Cause I’m totally worried anyway.” he mused.
    Klaus rolled his eyes at his sister. “I may not be Alpha over you, Rebekah, but I AM father of all vampires and the master of this house,” he snapped back at her as she got into her car. The hybrid shook his head and turned his attention back to Brendan. “Sorry about her. Hopefully she won’t give you much trouble,” Klaus turned serious when Brendan made the comment about the Mikaelson’s being a “loving family.” “Yeah, right, the loveliest,” Klaus replied sarcastically just before Tyler walked over.

    Klaus all but growled at Tyler. He couldn’t help but feel possessive over the human, and didn’t appreciate the snarky comment from the hybrid. The Original Hybrid folded his arms and thought for a few moments about Tyler’s question. Klaus had initially planned for Brendan to sleep in the room next to him, but that was before he knew just how good the human smelled.  He looked at the both of them and sighs. “Yeah, I that will be best. Some of the hybrids aren’t used to being so near humans,” he explained.

    Klaus had to admit, Brendan had spunk and he liked it. But with his experience with humans, it was best to keep as much distance from them as possible.  The Original had a lot of skeletons in the closet, and he didn’t need the human knowing all of his secrets...yet. Besides, having Brendan next door to him might drive the father of all vampires insane...literally. “Follow me, Bren,” Klaus stated and headed inside; he expected Brendan to follow him.
    Brendan looked at Tyler then back at Klaus as the hybrids mannerisms changed. Tyler followed Klaus signalling Brendan to follow. “Okay.” He stated as he followed behind Klaus. Tyler grabbed one of his bags and followed behind the two male figures. Tyler knew that growl Klaus gave, and it was a little disconcerting. Then again, the male had no one besides his sister Rebekah. Tyler smiles to himself as he thought of how Klaus would be with someone in his life.
    Damon all but slammed his glass of bourbon down on the table as he glared at Stefan. “This better not be a mistake, Stef.” He threatened as Stefan gave him a ‘chill out’ look. “Damon, what other choice do we have? I mean Alaric is gone, Caroline invited Elena into her house and Bonnie’s in the same boat.” Stefan explained as Damon ignored him. “Doesn’t mean we should go to Klaus, after what he did to you over the sum---” “Shut it Damon, it's done and over with.”
    Brendan looked around the huge hallways as Klaus led him to where he’d be staying for sometime. Tyler was the first to break the silence that split the air. “So, Bonnie is coming after school to help you with your classes.” He explained as Brendan looked at him. “How do we know Bonnie isn’t working with Elena?” He asked as Tyler snorted. “Because Jeremy and Bonnie actually like you so they won’t do anything otherwise... Besides, Jeremy has a... well... nevermind.” He stated as Brendan looked at him. “Elena’s brother likes me?” he question as Tyler nodded yes.

    As much as Klaus hated that Tyler was there, he was also just as happy. It made things a little bit easier for the elder vampire, while he wrapped his head around things. Niklaus couldn’t fathom why he even agreed to protecting a human in the first place. Especially when he had a human blood-only diet. He listened as the two spoke about Bonnie, Jeremy and Elena. “How do we know that Jeremy actually likes him,, and that he isn’t being compelled by Elena?” Klaus finally spoke.  “We all know how cunning vampires are...I wouldn’t put it past Elena to do something like that,” he added.

    They finally arrived at Brendan’s guest suite.  Klaus almost wished that Tyler would just leave so that he could have some time to chat with Brendan. Though he did sort of understand why Tyler hung around, as annoying as it was. Klaus was one of the most dangerous vampires and one of the most powerful.  He wasn’t used to being around humans for long periods of time...there was no telling what would happen.

    Yet, he couldn’t shake the feeling that he felt protective over Brendan. It was almost as if he’d imprinted on him. But...could that be possible? Klaus was over 1,000 years old and had never imprinted on anyone.  The elder looked at the human and rubbed the back of his neck. “So, um, this is your room,” he stated finally as he handed Brendan a key. “This is your key. It opens almost all the doors in this house,” he explained. “You’ll have access to almost all the rooms except the very bottom floor,” he continued. “If you need anything, my room is straight down the hallway. You can’t miss it,” he stated and smirked. “My name is on it,” he explained and chuckled. “When you’re settled in, come find me; I’ll introduce you to the rest of the residents.” Klaus bowed slightly and without another word, headed to his room,  leaving Tyler and Brendan alone.
    Brendan watched as Niklaus bowed and looked at Tyler confused. Giving the same expression, Tyler rolled his eyes and opened the door to his suite. “Holy cow.” Brendan exclaimed as Tyler chuckles. “Yeah, Klaus spared no expense in his house work but yet everyone else has a normal size room.” He explained as Brendan walked in and sat his bag on the floor.  
    “This place is meant for two or three.... or five.” Brendan awed as he looked back at Tyler who wasn’t surprised at his friends reaction. “I’ll be outside your door most of the time when you are in here. Just so people don’t come in whenever they want.” Tyler explained as Brendan looked at him. “You don’t have to do that Tyler.” He spoke as Tyler ignored him. “Caroline will come by too to help with school work if you need it.”
    “How’d you know about Jeremy?” Brendan blurted out as Tyler’s eyes widened. “I... uh... thought it was obvious.” Tyler shrugged as Brendan looked at him. “You guys are dating aren’t you?” Tyler blurted out as Brendan looked at him and shook his head. “No! We broke up when his sister started going psycho.” Brendan sighed as Tyler nodded. “You tell anyone, I’ll kill you.” Brendan warned as Tyler held his hands up. “Hey, Its not my business to tell.” He chuckles some as Brendan shook his head. “Well, I’ll let you get settled.” Tyler commented as Brendan smiles. “Ok... I shouldn’t take too long, It’s not like I brought everything Damon and Stefan bought.”
    Niklaus rubbed the back of his neck as he entered his own suite. How was he going to survive living with a mortal in his home for two weeks? Brendan smelled way too good and Klaus was worried that those who lived in the mansion might have a difficult time controlling themselves.

    Klaus had just become comfortable when two of the hybrids burst into his suite. "A mortal, Alpha? You expect us to protect a mortal?" One hybrid exclaimed. "Yes, I do. You pledge your allegiance to me when you agreed to let me turn you into a super hybrid. Or did you forget that, Niall?" Niall and his companion lowered their heads from embarrassment. "No, Alpha, we didn't forget," they mumbled in unison. "Good. Now go tell the others I expect the same from them. The human is to be protected and treated as one of the pack," Klaus ordered as he shooed the two hybrids out of his room.

    Klaus began to pace as he pondered what to do. He understood that Tyler felt protective of Brendan and all, but he wished that the hybrid would have given him a chance to get to know the mortal. The Alpha waited a few more minutes before he decided to check on Brendan. Once he got to the mortal's room, klaus let out a sigh of relief when he saw that tyler had left finally and knocked on the door.
    Brendan sighed as he sat down on the bed and laid down. He wasn’t sad, or depressed about leaving the Salvatore manor, but he wasn’t thrilled about moving in with another group of strangers. Brendan pulled out his phone and rolled his eyes as he saw a text from Damon. As usual he was already telling Brendan to be careful. Brendan deleted it and sighs shaking his head.

    Tyler entered as the two others exited. “As for “Agreeing.” to be turned, Klaus. I intend to make sure no harm comes to him.” He threatened. “That kids been through enough.” With that, Tyler left and headed back toward his friends room. When he arrived, he saw the male sitting on the bed, he decided to leave Brendan alone for a while.

    When the knock came on the door, Brendan sat up and looked at it. “Come in.” Brendan answered as he rubbed the back of his neck and stood up to start unpacking what little items he brought. Brendan smiles softly when Klaus appeared and sighs nervously. “I... I appreciate what you’re doing.” Brendan explained as before Klaus could talk. “Even though  not everyone agreed to the arrangement.” he referred to Damon.
    Klaus looked at Brendan curiously while standing in the doorway. The hybrid shrugged at the human's statement. "They are right to question me," Klaus stated before he could stop himself. "I've done many, many things that humans would find unforgivable in my 1,000 years," he admitted. "However, your brothers and I go back a few hundred years. I would do almost anything for Stefan...including protect a human."

    Klaus sighed and looked at Brendan. "I don't have many rules," he began. "The one rule I do enforce is that those who live in this house, with the exception of my idiot sister, listen and obey my commands and instructions," he explained. Klaus began to pace. "Do you have any questions?"
    Brendan raised a brow as Klaus started to pace. It was still unusual to Brendan that Klaus and his hybrids had been taking this rather well... then again, His brothers lived with him since he was eight years old. He sighed as he sat down on the couch and listened to all the “rules” Brendan would have to follow. Once Klaus finished, Brendan snapped out of his trance and nodded. “No no, I’m all good.” he spoke as he rubbed his neck nervously.
    When Tyler knew that the sign was clear, he walked in and looked from Klaus to Brendan. “I’ll take you into town for snacks... and Jeremy wants to see you.” he explained as Brendan looked at his friend. “What does Jere want?” He sighed not wanting to see him and wanting to see him at the same time. Brendan ran a hand through his hair as Tyler coughed. “Toooo make sure everything is ok... and assure you he’s doing his best with his sister.”
    Brendan rolled his eyes and snorted. The best thing that would be for Elena would be a stake through the heart. He didn’t say it outloud, but the thought caused him to smile softly. “Tell him it’ll be a couple days.... Stefan and Damon want to make sure I settle here first.... before thinking of going to school, and dealing with...everything.” He explained as Tyler rolled his eyes. “I’ll tell him you’ll call him tonight.” Tyler smiles as Brendan raised a brow.
    Klaus raised an eyebrow at the mention of Jeremy. He glowered at Tyler as he made the connection to Elena. For some reason, the Alpha was suddenly jealous of the mortal. It was an unusual feeling. Besides, Klaus had literally just met Brendan...who was he to tell the human who he could/could not date? Still, something about Jeremy always made him feel uneasy.

    Klaus cleared his throat. "I'll be in the gym when you're ready for a tour, Brendan," he stated feeling awkward all of a sudden. He didn't want to make the human feel like he was hovering...the last thing Klaus wanted to be was a parent. Especially a parent of a human. Before Brendan could say anything, the hybrid bowed slightly and went upstairs to his private gym at vampire speed.

    Once he was in the training room, klaus took off his shirt, and began using the punching bag. While he worked out, all the vampire could think about was brendan. "What the hell am i getting myself into?" Klaus thought to himself as he hit the punching bag. "How am i going to control myself around him? Brendan smells too damned good. No wonder elena keeps going after him," he thought to himself as he continued to punch.

        Brendan watched as Klaus left in a flash. He looked at Tyler who was dumbfounded and looked down. Brendan took a deep breath and shook his head “I don’t think I said to have him call me tonight.” he chuckles as Tyler shook his head. “I’ll.... let you get unpacked.” Tyler spoke as Brendan waved his hand. Once Tyler had left, Brendan sighed as he sat down in the silence. He couldn’t believe he was uprooted again. Though it wasn’t due to his brothers wishing.
    Brendan shook his head as he walked up to Klaus’ room. He walked through the halls lost, like a puppy. Brendan looked at the artwork, but one stopped him and kept him for minutes. Brendan rubbed the back of his neck as he continued to walk toward Klaus’ room. He knocked on the door and waited for Niklaus to answer.  Brendan thought it was strange having to knock at someones door, but then again.... he wasn’t at the Salvatore Mansion.
    Brendan waited as he saw two hybrids standing at the end of the hallway watching him. Their eyes seemed to be showing signs of starvation, but Brendan only snorted as he rolled his eyes. Brendan looked at his watch and headed back toward his room figuring Klaus was far too busy. He headed back to the stairway and to find Tyler.
    Once Niklaus was de-stressed, he tossed his shirt over his shoulders and headed back up to his room. While the alpha didn't mind change, it was only when he was the one making the changes happen. He loathed when others rocked his boat, and right now, it was shaken. The hybrid sighed as he made his way back to his room. When he got up the stairs, however, Klaus hadn't expected to see Brendan or the two hybrids. The Alpha flashed his fangs at the hybrids showing dominance. Klaus then turned his attention back to the human and smirks.

    "Well well. Looks like you've settled in faster than I'd anticipated," he stated. "Welcome to Mikaelson Manor," he added. "I'll gather the other hybrids in a bit and introduce you to them. They aren't used to being around humans unless they are tearing them apart," he explained.

    Klaus took a step closer to Brendan. "Don't worry your pretty little human head," he assured brendan. He then realized they were mere feet from his room. "So, you wanted to see me?" He asked.
    Brendan looked at the two hybrids who seemed to be just a clueless as to Klaus’ where abouts. “We’ll give him a message.” One of them stated as Brendan headed down the stairs. Brendan was looking down when all of a sudden he saw two feet. Brendan looked up as he heard the Originals words. “You--- said to come get you when I was unpacking.” He spoke and shook his head.

    Brendan rubbed his neck and laughed. “I don’t think I’m too worried about your hybrids touching me.” Brendan reminded him as he walked down the stairs. “I’m pretty sure Damon will have fun with your hybrids if they hurt me.” He raised a brow and folded his arms. ‘But then again, we wouldn’t want that now would we.” Brendan smirked and toyed as he looked toward his door.

    “You told me I get a tour.” He looked at him and laughed. Brendan “Sorry about reminding you of your little deal with Damon and Stefan.” Brendan spoke and looked down and shook his head. “It wasn’t nice. But I sensed your little sarcastic tone when you called my pretty little human head.”
    Klaus thought a moment as he listened to Brendan speak. Damn was he good looking but the Alpha had made it a point not to date humans. It was too risky. He smirked in response to brendan. "Ah, so I did," Klaus stated simply and spotted the two hybrids. He rolled his eyes. "They act as if they've never seen a human before," he stated and shook his head.

    When the two hybrids approached them, Klaus folded his arms and glowered at them. “Sire, this...human was looking for you,” one of the hybrids stated. Niklaus rolled his eyes, not caring who saw. “Thank you captain obvious! But as you can see, Brendan has found me,” he stated and winked at Brendan. The two hybrids looked at each other and gulped. “We were just delivering the message, sire,” the other hybrid stated point blank. “So I see, but you shouldn’t have talked back to your Alpha. Now, be gone...I’ll deal with you two idiots later,” Klaus added and took Brendan’s hand. “Come on, Brendan. I promised you a tour and a tour you shall get.”

    Once Klaus was certain they were out of earshot of the hybrids, he leaned in close to Brendan. “Sorry about them,” he apologized.  “They aren’t exactly the brightest tools in the box.” Klaus led Brendan through each of the rooms, and introduced him to people if they were in them. The mansion was huge, and tour took a while. “You’ll have access to every room in this house except the dungeon,” he stated point blank. “Not that I expect you’ll go down there, but, it’s not a place one should go willingly, in my personal opinion.”
    Brendan smirked as he listened to Klaus explain about the other two. He knew this game all too well. “No one’s ever brighter than the original right?” He stated coyly as he felt the males hand grip his own. Brendan blushed and followed the male into the different places of the mansion. When Niklaus mentioned a dungeon, curiosity got the better of him. “Noo.... I won’t.” Brendan stated as he thought for a moment.

    “Where is the door to the dungeon?” He asked curiously. “Just so I know not to go through it.” Brendan folded his arms and raised a brow as Rebekah came into the living room. “My room’s off limits too.” She snickered and sat down. “How are we going to go back to New Orleans when we are human sitting?” She asked her brother as she took a sip of a water bottle. “New Orleans?” Brendan asked as another male walked in.

    “Yes, New Orleans. Our home for the time being.” The male spoke as he glanced up at Niklaus. “The one my brother wanted so desperately to reclaim.” Brendan looked at the two and raised a brow. “Please forgive the intrusion, Brendan. I’m Elijah Mikaelson.” Elijah spoke and tilted his head forward. “Klaus, you can’t stay here long, you do have responsibilities back home... Unless you want Marcel to take over again?” Elijah asked as Brendan joined Rebekah and took a seat.
    Klaus smirked and chuckled. "You're lucky I like you, human," he stated and snorted. He then raised an eyebrow as Brendan asked about the dungeon. "It's in the basement, and the door is clearly marked," he explained. "Its hard to miss."

    When they arrived in the living room, he spotted Rebekah and rolled his eyes at her comment. "What's the matter, dearest sister? You don't want your room smelling like human?" Klaus teased as he sat down in his usual chair. When Elijah spoke, Klaus growled at the reminder about New Orleans.

    What was he going to do? He couldn't just up and leave, especially when klaus had just agreed to protect Brendan. Perhaps he could bring the mortal with him? "Please, the last thing I want is for Marcel to take over, again. New Orleans is MY territory," he stated firmly. Klaus then turned his attention to brendan. "How would you feel about taking a trip to New Orleans? It would be the perfect place to hide from Elena."
    Elijah turned around from  his spot and looked at his brother with complete disbelievement. “Do you not think of the consequences that idea has?” He strained to keep his temper in check as he bit his cheek. “You’re taking him out of one situation and placing him into possibly a bigger situation.” Elijah argued as Brendan looked at both Elijah and Niklaus. Rebekah sensed the mortals confusion and chuckles.

    “Please ignore my brothers... they like to be vague about things. Basically Marcel wants to kill Klaus for taking over New Orleans again.” she explained as Brendan raised his eyebrows. “And Elijah feels like you could become a new target.” she added as Elijah nodded. “Precisely why it is a terrible idea.” He concluded. “Besides, knowing Damon... he’s probably not amused with this whole arrangement and to ask to take Brendan out of the state would probably push him over the edge.”

    Brendan was about to speak when Stefan walked in with Tyler. “I think with senior week coming up... that is a perfect idea Elijah.” Stefan stated as Brendan turned to stare at his brother. “I just came to make sure you are settling in well.” he assured his younger brother. “Jeremy isn’t going to like it.” Tyler mumbled as Stefan glared at him. “Jeremy doesn’t have a say.” Stefan stated as he looked at Klaus. “You all must assure his safety however.” Stefan explained as Rebekah stood up. “No.. I’m not going to be responsible... this is on Elijah and Niklaus.” She protested as Stefan stared her down. She rolled her eyes and walked out of the room. “Fine.”

    "Don't question me, brother," Klaus snapped. "What the hell do you expect me to do, then, Elijah? I can't just abandon Brendan and leave him here alone with the hybrids. And I am not about to let Marcel take New Orleans from me...again," he snapped. Klaus began to pace as anger consumed him.

    "Fuck Damon and what he says!" Klaus snapped as Stefan walked in. The hybrid ignored Stefan and rounded on Tyler. "Jeremy is not of our concern, Tyler," Klaus snapped. "And would you quit bringing that bloody mortal up?" He ordered.

    Klaus took a few deep breaths in an attempt to calm himself when Stefan spoke. "I'm surprised you're ok with the idea, stefan. But rest assured, i'll be sure to protect Brendan while there," he stated with assurance.
    Brendan's eyes widened as he saw how fast Klaus got angered. Elijah only snorted and shook his head. “You won’t be saying fuck what he says when your hybrids are in the grave.” He stated simply as Stefan shook his head. “This isn’t helping the situation.” Stefan jumped in as he glared at Klaus and Elijah. “It better be assured.” Stefan added as he glanced at Tyler.

    “Jeremy is a friend of Brendan’s Klaus.... a very close friend.” Stefan stated as Brendan felt his cheeks turn red.Brenden shook his head and bit his lip as he glared at Tyler. “He and I are on the outs at the moment anyway.. so what Stefan said earlier... He has no say.” Brendan stated as Tyler’s eyes widened. he looked down knowing he embarrassed his friend for no reason and wasn’t going to make the same mistake again.

    Brendan looked at Elijah and Klaus who seemed to have be having difficulty calming himself down. Elijah shook his head and looked at Stefan. “Stefan... Its not just Marcel that is a problem.. its the witches and werewolves as well. Brendan would be an absolute easy target if any of them found out we are watching him.” he explained as Stefan looked at Niklaus.

    “Well then Elijah.. looks like I’m putting both of you in charge of his safety if he goes to New Orleans.” Stefan commented as he looked at his brother. “Brendan, you will do what Niklaus and Elijah tell you to do in New Orleans. You’re not to go anywhere without one of them present... do you understand?” Stefan ordered as Brendan sighs and nods his head. “If so much as a drop of his blood spills from his body... Damon and I will know.” Stefan ensured Elijah and Niklaus.

    Klaus couldn't help but smirk with satisfaction as Elijah was also put on Human duty. Though he cared for his brother, like with most of his kind, klaus didn't trust Elijah to be alone with him. It was then that Klaus decided to turn his attention to Tyler. As much as the insubordinate hybrid annoyed him, Klaus knew that he and Brendan were close. "In fact, Tyler, why don't you come with us?" Klaus suggested. "The witches will never see you coming. You can help keep an eye on Brendan while Eli and I put out any fires that may pop up," klaus insisted. He then turned to Stefan and Brendan. "How does that sound?" He asked looking mostly at Stefan.

    Klaus had a feeling that stefan would agree with his idea. He knew the Salvatore's only trusted Tyler to be around Brendan, which was why he suggested it. The alpha wasn't entirely certain if he should volunteer to bring the other hybrids. The witches and Marcel's clan might see it as an act of war, which Klaus was trying to avoid...for now. He turned to Brendan and winked. "Besides, having Tyler around might make you feel more comfortable around us blood sucking killers," klaus added and smirked.
    Brendan sighed as he watched Stefan, Klaus, and Elijah duke out what the plans were. When Tyler was thrown in, Brendan frowned and shook his head. "Tyler can do what he wants, he's got his own problems and i'm sure he doesn't want to babysit an 18 year old." He explained as Stefan's eyebrows rose. Elijah rubbed his neck and looked at Tyler. "We are Originals, Niklaus, we can figure it out." He spoke looking at his brother. Tyler sighed with relief hearing Elijah and Brendan speak of him not being needed. "Ill check on him once in a while with Caroline... but we've made plans for this week."

    Stefan looked at Brendan and smiles. "Youre right... you don't need a babysitter at 18. But just be careful, please Brendan." "Ill be fine Stefan, it's two weeks... what could go wrong?" Brendan asked as Elijah couldn't help but chuckle. "Ill check on you as well... but i won't hover." Stefan assured his brother. "And besides, you're used to living with bloodsucking killers.... you'll be fine." Stefan commented looking at Klaus. "Provided, Niklaus doesn't decide to feed on you if he's in a bad mood."
    Klaus growled and rolled his eyes. "I won't use the human as a snack. How many times do I have to tell you this, Stefan?" He all but growled. The Alpha was getting annoyed with his brother and stefan. "It has been decided then. Brendan, Elijah, we leave tomorrow. I suspect Brendan will need sleep before we depart and time to pack," Klaus stated. He headed up to his room before anyone could object to his plans.

    Truth be told, if it wasn't for Marcel, Klaus wouldn't bother going to New Orleans. However, he had a human to protect, and he almost regretted making the agreement with Stefan. How was anyone going to take him seriously with Brendan around? Not to mention, there was the attraction the hybrid felt for the mortal. However, Klaus was going to try to make Brendan off limits even to himself. Though he knew deep inside that wasn't going to last long.

    Once in his room, Klaus closed the door, though keeping it open a touch. He left it that way so that Brendan knew where to find him in the mansion. Klaus pulled out a suitcase and began to pack. And while he packed, he began to think of a plan for how to deal with Marcel and the witches of New Orleans. And, more importantly, what was he going to do about his growing attraction.
    Stefan could see the attraction forming between Klaus and Brendan. It worried him knowing Klaus' temper got. After all, he did dagger his siblings whenever they crossed him, what would he do to Brendan? Elijah however saw the attraction as a positive thing for Niklaus. If Niklaus took to the boy, then perhaps it would be the end of his anger, or paranoia. Elijah walked Stefan to the door after Brendan hugged him goodbye. Tyler left as well, leaving Brendan to go pack.

    Elijah walked Brendan to his room. Luckily Brendan never really finished unpacking his things, so he figured he might as well shower and surf on his computer. It was strange not being in his own room or anything. Brendan couldnt remember staying somewhere else since he was adopted by the Salvatores. Damon never let the male stray too far from eye sight. "Is it okay if I use the shower?" Brendan asked before Elijah left. "There should be one in your room." He smiles as he left.

    Brendan stripped down to his boxers and walked into the bathroom. He turned the water on and let the tub fill up with water. Since the bathtub was rather large, he figured a bath wouldn't hurt. Brendan closed his eyes as he strippes his boxers off and climbed into the tub. He smiles and sank down into the water sighing contently. Brendan relaxed his head against the back of the tub and relaxed as the warm water relaxed him.

    As Klaus packed, his thoughts shifted to Brendan. There was something about the human that drew him in. No matter how hard he tried not to think about him, Klaus couldn't help it. He wondered if bringing Brendan on this trip was even a good idea, but he didn't know what else to do. After Hope's mother left him and took the baby with her, Niklaus turned off any bit of human that he may have had left. If he didn't allow himself to feel or get close to anyone, then perhaps he wouldn't get hurt anymore, right?

    But now there was brendan, and klaus had no idea what to do with himself. He wondered how the mortal felt, though it wasn't like they had actually spoken, right? Klaus growled and swore as he tossed the last item he was packing in his suitcase. He decided he needed to speak to Tyler about Brendan. After all, Tyler and Brendan were friends, right? Perhaps the hybrid would help Klaus out.

    After a few minutes of debating and arguing with himself, Klaus walked down to Tyler's room and knocked on his door. He only hoped that Tyler would be reasonable with him. Klaus wasn't the type to let people into his life easily, but out of everyone in the mansion, Tyler was the one person he felt he could be honest with and open up to. When the Alpha got to his room, he knocked on the door and waited.
    Tyler had been busy getting ready for his weekend with Caroline. Ever since his mom vanished, Tyler had been staying more and more with Klaus and his family. It wasn’t ideal, but it was better than going home to an empty house. Tyler heard the knock at his door and internally groaned knowing it was Niklaus. “At least he knocks...” He mused to himself as he walked toward the door.

    “Whats up?” He asked opening the door and letting Klaus in. Tyler detected the distress in the hybrids mood and smirked curiously. “Someone doesn’t seem quite their usual self.” He stated bluntly and chuckles. “Let me guess, You’re not use to babysitting humans?” Tyler asked as he folded his arms. He walked further into his room and continued to pack as he waited for Klaus to speak.

    Brendan was busy packing when Elijah walked in. “I hope my brothers demeanor didn’t frighten you.” He started as Brendan shook his head. “It’s fine. If that's the worst it gets, then Damon has him beat.” He explained causing a small chuckle from Elijah. “No... thats far from the worst.” Elijah spoke as Brendan looked at him. “

    “I just... wanted to warn you that my brother likes order... and power. Just be careful with how you interact with him. He tends to get easily frustrated.” Elijah explained as Brendan chuckles. “I think I’ll be fine... but thanks for the heads up.” Elijah watched the human carefully as he folded his arms. “I uhm... we do have our thirst under control...” Elijah assured as Brendan turned to look at him. “Elijah, its fine... honestly... I think you guys are fine.”
  2. KlausMikaelson

    KlausMikaelson The Original Hybrid Administrator

    Klaus sighed as he entered Tyler's room. He was surprised that the hybrid picked up on his emotions like that, but it made it easier for Klaus to get to the point. "You know me so well, Tyler," he replied sarcastically. "I don't know the first thing about babysitting. And, honestly, I am worried about how things are going to go over in New Orleans."

    klaus began to pace. "Have you ever felt a connection to someone you don't even know?" Klaus began to ramble. "I just....i don't know how to explain it, but it's like there is a sort of connection with Brendan. I can't explain it. I mean...you know me, Ty. I haven't been attached to anyone since Hope's mother. Even that relationshipmwas strained."

    The original hybrid sat down and looked at Tyler. "What am I going to do when they question why Brendan is in New Orleans with me? They will know something is up once they see how protective I am over a...a human."  Klaus shook his head and frowned as he looked at the other hybrid for help.
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    Tyler couldn't help but feel a small chuckle escaping from his mouth. He did know Niklaus, and how possessive the hybrid was. Tyler rubbed the back of his neck as he cleared his throat and tried to contain his amusesment. "Well, For one thing Niklaus. You and I both know what you see humans as... right?" Tyler asked retorically as he watched the male pass. The amusement was so refreshing to see from someone as evil and devious as Klaus. Tyler put his hand to his mouth and coughed. He sat down in the chair while the Original paced back and forth.

    "And for another thing, you have a temper that is worse the Brendan's brother, Damon." Tyler added as he leaned more into the chair. "So I honestly can't see why you agreed to watch a human... considering your past with Stefan. The connection you are probably feeling is probably Brendans blood going straight to your throat." He explained and chuckles some in amusement. "Its not like you to see humans as any other way Klaus, I don't know what to tell you." He shrugged and shook his head. "Maybe you'll handle it like you do with all people who dare question you? Tear their heads off?" Tyler mused as he rolled his head.

    "If Brendan were to be the "one" for you, then Id have a baby come out my dick." Tyler expressed as he scratched his neck. "I mean, he'd disobey you once and you'd probably sink your teeth into him." Tyler commented as he shrugged. "I don't know. Just treat him like the rest of us?" Tyler rambled and continued to pack his stuff. "Maybe, Brendan could save you like your brother so desperately tries to achieve." Tyler explained and closed his suitcase. "I'll go check on Brendan and see how things are going." Tyler said turning to go to Brendans room. Elijah stopped him and smirks. "Brendan is ready whenever.... I hope you know what you are doing Niklaus." Elijah spoke as Tyler walked pasted the Original.
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    Klaus rolled his eyes. "Yes, Tyler. Everyone knows that I see humans as nothing more than food." However, even as the words rolled off his tongue, they sounded wrong. Brendan was much more than food and the thought worried him. He noted the amusement in the male's features and narrowed his eyes at him. This wasn't anything to joke about.

    Tyler was right about his temper. It was one thing to threaten and beat up his own hybrids and others like him. Yet, it was another thing dealing with humans. They were fragile creatures and mortal. Tyler was right about one thing though; Brendan's blood called out to him. Yes, it made his throat burn, but it was different with Brendan. And it had nothing to do with his promise to Stefan. No, this ran way deeper, only Klaus couldn't explain it. "I won't hurt him," he murmured mostly to himself. Somehow Klaus knew that if a single drop of Brendan's blood was spilled, that he would kill whoever harmed him. "Besides, Stefan would kill me if I did." Klaus shook his head as he spoke those last few words. He knew they were 100% true. 

    "I can't treat him like the rest of you lot," Klaus snapped. "He's human. I don't think he'd be able to handle it." Klaus rubbed the back of his neck. "Who knows? Maybe he is my "savior" and maybe he isn't. All I know is that I feel unusually protective of him." Klaus turned to look at Elijah when he walked in. "Spectacular," he replied and grabbed his own suitcase. "Come on," he ordered and headed for Brendan's room. When he got there, Klaus stood in Brendan's doorway. "Hey. You ready to go?" he asked and folded his arms.
  5. Brendansalvatore

    Brendansalvatore New Member

    Along the way to Brendans room,Elijah stayed close to Klaus. "I'd like to point out the several key factors Tyler mentioned, Niklaus." He explained as he cleared his throat before Elijah let his brother enter the room. "You're temper makes you far to dangerous to try and imprint on Brendan. Its more than just your blood lust for him." he continued as Elijah swallows. "If he were to ever make you angry... you could shift, attack him, and never know what happened." Elijah spoke hushed as Tyler nodded. "I forgot about the whole wolf part." He admitted as Elijah glared at the other hybrid. "Just keep your anger and rage under control... we will work on the "control freak" aspect of you another day." Elijah commented as they arrived at Brendans door.

    Brendan hadn't unpacked his suitcase since arriving at the Mikaelson mansion. What was the point? Stefan agreed to let Brendan go to New Orleans with them right after leaving him with new vampires. Though, Niklaus was no stranger. Brendan had heard the hybrid mention numerous times by Tyler, Caroline and his brothers. Rumor has it, even Elena doesn't dare to cross into that territory. Brendan sighed as he stared blankly up at the ceiling feeling his phone vibrate for the fifth time in a row. He pulled it out of his pocket and snorted. "Damon..." He mumbled to himself before placing his phone back in his pocket.

    When Niklaus appeared in the doorway, Brendan's head shot up and looked at the hybrid cautiously. "We are leaving now?" He asked curiously, and also a little panic. Brendan hadn't left Mystic Falls since arriving in the small town. Leaving seemed like a big threat. "I.. I guess." Brendan answered as Elijah entered. "Brendan, I can assure you nothing will happen while you're with us. We see how important you are to the Salvatore brothers even if you aren't blood related." He explained as Tyler remained in the hallway. "Once your vacation week is up, Tyler will bring you safely home." 
  6. KlausMikaelson

    KlausMikaelson The Original Hybrid Administrator

    Klaus growled as he listened to Elijah and Tyler rag on him and remind him about his anger issues. Didn't they know that he already knew that? The Original glared at the both of them. "Don't you two think I haven't thought of the risks? It's not like I can control who I imprint on, and you two of all people should know that!" He snapped. He was honestly tired of people telling him about how he was. Klaus was the way he was for a reason, and unless someone could undo the damage that his father and others had done to him, then he was doomed to be like this for eternity. His family would just have to suck it up and deal with it.

    Truth be told, Klaus was unsure of how he felt having a human staying with them. He and his hybrids were so unpredictable, but Stefan was like family to Klaus. How could he turn down a brother? He shook his head and sighed as they reached Brendan's room. Klaus heard Brendan's phone vibrate and Brendan muttered the word, "Damon," and chuckled as they opened the door to his room. "You should probably answer Damon. He's probably just worried about you," Klaus stated and leaned against the wall. He folded his arms as he regarded Brendan, and took note of the human's caution with him.

    "If I didn't think it was a good idea to take you with us, Brendan, I wouldn't have suggested it. I'll be with you as much as I can when we're in New Orleans," Klaus assured him. Though he wasn't sure if that made the human feel any better or not. "I don't know what you've heard about me, but as long as you stay with me, Elena won't dare come near you. She knows I'll kill her on the spot if she does," he explained. The Original shook his head and frowned. "If it wasn't absolutely essential that we go, we would be staying here."

    Klaus grabbed Brendan's luggage and tossed it over his shoulder as if it weighed nothing. "That said, let's go get this over with," he stated and led the way to the car.
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    Brendan's head shot up when he heard the hybrids voice. "It.. He can text me... That's what Stefan's doing." Brendan protested as he answered the phone. After a few minutes of arguing with Damon, Brendan hung up the phone and walked into the bathroom. Once ready, He followed the hybrid and Elijah out to the car. Brendan couldn't shake the feeling that something was going to happen on this trip, but who was he to question his brothers. They kept them out of harms way so far. Brendan sighed as he got in the car.

    "Don't worry Brendan, Caroline and I will check on you too." Tyler mentioned as he loaded his suitcase in the trunk. "Stefan ordered me." He said so only the human could hear. Brendan half smiles and shook his head. What was Elena's deal? Most people Brendan met, took to Brendan immediately. Elena was different though. It seemed to Brendan that his presences interrupted some sort of 'on going battle'. Overhearing the males thoughts, Tyler smirks and shook his head. "Don't worry about Elena.... she's... not herself anymore." Tyler announced as he climbed in the backseat next to Brendan.

    "Honestly, I just don't get why she's... hostile." Brendan admitted as Tyler laughed. "She was use to having the Salvatores all to herself. Then when you showed up and started taking Damon's time away from Elena, well... You know how it is." Tyler explained as he buckled his seatbelt. "Yeah, But Caroline isn't that way with Stefan!" Brendan stated as Tyler laughed. "That's because Stefan and Caroline are two independent people." Elijah chimed in. "Caroline isn't one to be controlled. Or persuaded easily by such little things.... Niklaus has an infatuation with her." Elijah said smirking deviously. Brendan blushed as he gauged Niklaus' reaction.
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